Thermal Imaging

infrared-leak-detection-thermal-imagingFreedom Restoration & Cleaning uses thermal imaging to help save time and money for our customers. Our infrared cameras help pinpoint water intrusion, find moisture hiding beneath the surface, and document dryness with accuracy and confidence. When home or business owners have a consistent water problem, thermography may be used to determine the source of the water damage, whether caused from a leaky pipe, ice dam, roof leak, etc. Finding the source of moisture and getting the job done right the first time saves you money and potential future health risks.

Infrared thermography is a valuable tool to use for residential homes and commercial buildings. These high resolution cameras provide both thermal and digital images with thermal gradients that are clearly defined. The most up to date imaging software is used to generate detailed reports that are e-mail friendly for documenting water loss. This helps to reduce the headaches and stress of dealing with your insurance claims.