Ways you’re killing your rug

Only vacuuming the front side- Did you know that the underside of your rug needs vacuuming too? Flip your rug over every couple of months and give the bottom some attention.

Allow dirt to build up around the house-  Prevent dirt from ever reaching your rug by limiting how much gets into your house to begin with. If you place a doormat at every entrance and regularly clean the floors around your house, especially by entrance ways, you’ll keep much of the mess from ever reaching the rug.

Never rotating it- Daily traffic on the rug takes it’s toll, especially when it moves in the same pattern around your furniture day in and day out. Rotate your rugs once a year to keep it the wear as even as possible.

Placing it in direct sunlight-  Area rugs are not immune to the sun’s strong rays. Unless there’s window shades or closed curtains during peak daylight hours, keep the rug away from the window.

Letting Stains Settle-  Spot clean straightforward stains immediately, and get the rug to a professional cleaner ASAP to clean up more challenging messes. In short; Act fast and don’t let stains set.

Forgetting to vacuum it regularly Get in the habit of vacuuming weekly to keep dirt from building up and grinding into a pile. It’s the simplest way to keep your rug looking clean and fresh for years to come.

Skipping Deep Cleanings-  Vacuuming can only do so much. Every year or two, you need to go deeper to really flush out dirt and grime and restore your rug’s luster. Our professionals at Freedom are more than happy to inform you on how to care for your specific rug.

Not using a rug pad– I know what you’re thinking; “The area rug was expensive enough, do i really have to get a pad?” The answer is yes! Pads can dramatically increase your rug’s lifespan. Pads provide all around protection, buffering your rug from wear, allowing it the space it needs to breathe and prevent slipping.

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