Carpet Cleaning

The Best Holiday Referral Deal of the Year

Cleaning before the holidays is always the last thing on your mind; but, it is on your mind and it’s usually the last thing to get done. Let’s face it, the holidays are a lot of work and a good amount of stress, along with being sprinkled with great times, good memories and cherished moments that’s life right?

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How often should commercial carpet be cleaned?

Carpeting a commercial facility in New England can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Too often we’re asked to clean carpets that are visibly soiled. We’re happy to help but point of the matter is by the time the carpet is visibly dirty, the dirt and grit have already taken their toll. The best time […]

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Is it worth it?

Scotchgard was invented in 1952 by a woman named Patsy Sherman and has been a very effective tool in the arsenal of cleaning businesses everywhere With that in mind, I couldn’t help but notice the amount of customers that deny the additional fee. The question remains, is it worth it? Here are some quick facts about Scotchgard; Scotchgard […]

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