Carpet Padding, the Unsung Hero

When it comes to carpets, padding is often the unsung hero, often overlooked because people are unsure about the benefits. Just like carpets, there are different types of padding as well. Thinner ones might be used to hold an area rug in place, while the thicker, more plush padding can be used for comfort. Here’s a list of benefits attainable through padding.

Softness: The most obvious one, a layer of good carpet cushion gives your home a softness that makes it feel like your feet sink right into the floor

Reduced Noise: A carpeted environment is quiet because the carpet absorbs surface noise at the source. Add a pad underneath and you’ll achieve total silence.

Insulation: Padding acts as insulation, improving the overall thermal properties of the floor covering. This in turn makes it easier to maintain the perfect temperature in your home. Little known fact; typical padding has been measured to have “R-Values” from .75 to 2.0. R-Values are used to measure a material’s resistance to heat flow.

Increased Carpet Longevity: Carpet padding puts in a great deal of work in protecting your carpet in the long run. A dense carpet cushion supports and protects the backing of your carpet by absorbing most of the impact from foot traffic and furniture. This helps your carpet look better, longer.

Protective Film Barrier: Many carpet cushion products come equipped with a protective film or barrier that stops fluids from penetrating into the backing, pad and sub floor. Very useful during a spill or pet.

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