Pre-Carpet Cleaning Rituals

One of the advantages of hiring a professional carpet cleaner is having somebody else do all the dirty work. With that in mind, it doesn’t hurt to give them a little hand, here’s a list of tasks to help them make your carpets look cleaner than before.

Vacuuming-  Getting rid of debris and dirt from the carpet fiber prior to a cleaning will help your carpet cleaner focus on the deep down, soiled in, hard to reach dirt.

Dust and clean baseboards and HVAC registers-  Although skipping this step won’t affect the cleaning process as much, following through with it can help ensure the carpet doesn’t become dirty right after the cleaning.

Remove fragile and valuable items- Fine china, collectibles and any other potentially fragile or breakable items should be transferred from the cleaning area to a safe area.

Move furniture- To get the most out of your cleaning, moving furniture would be a power move. Getting to hit all the otherwise neglected spots is a game changer.

Remove smaller items from the floor- Toys, lamps, shoes, clothes, etc should all be moved out of the area that requires cleaning. It’s not a bad idea to life up and secure things like bedspread, drapes or dust ruffles with a clothespin to prevent them from getting in the way of a carpet cleaner’s tools.

Free up parking spot-  This is perhaps the most underrated tip. Like most carpet cleaners, Freedom uses truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment to get the job done. We need to park as close to the entry way as possible in order to run hoses from our cleaning equipment.

Pointing out areas of concern-  showing us the stains, spots or high traffic areas you’re most concerned with will help make sure we won’t miss those areas during the cleaning process.

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